Thank you so much for choosing The Across Country Motel and Serviced Apartments! We hope that you enjoy stay and the accommodation is to your liking. Our motel is currently undergoing minor to major refurbishments so we would like to apologize in advance if you may find some of our amenities and facilities a bit dated. Some of the recent changes that we have made and are currently ongoing are:

  1. Crisp and white bed sheets – We used to launder our bed sheets and pillow cases in-house but with the recent feedback and suggestions we have received from our guests, we are happy to report that it is now outsourced through a professional linen company in Central West and it’s same one that top motels in Dubbo are using.
  2. Beds and Pillows – New beds and fluffy pillow are recently purchase as well. Almost 98% of the rooms has got new beds so you could have a good night sleep.
  3. Motel Signage“First impressions are everything” is what they always say  so we have recently changed our signage. Photos will soon be uploaded in our blog and our Facebook Page. The “MOTEL ENTRY” signage is also scheduled for repainting.
  4. Airconditioning units – One of the common feedback that we have are the AC units that are a bit noisy and doesn’t have remote control.  While majority of the unit are working well and in good condition, we do realize that some of them do require replacements. We have recently purchased new split system units that are now being rolled out in some of our rooms. This is one of the most expensive appliance that are usually replace in a motel including parts and labour so we request your understanding if replacing all the units in all of the rooms may take some time.
  5. Flat screen TVs – This is one of the favourite changes that we are currently undergoing so far. New and refurbished  45 to 52 inches flat screen TVs has been recently installed in majority of our rooms. There are some rooms that still have the 20 inch flat screen TVs and we hope to change them by the end of the year as budget may allow.
  6. Room Carpets – New carpets were installed in majority of the rooms a year and half ago except Rooms 1 and 2 so we have recently change these carpets last July 2018.
  7. Bathroom Wall and Floor Tiles95% of the bathroom wall and tiles were all renovated 2 years ago. While some bathroom tiles requires replacement we can only do them one at a time. The recent major shower renovation that was recently done which is back in August 2018 was the shower wall and tiles in Room 21. 
  8. Breakfast room and Free Continental Breakfast  While we receive some negative feedback from our complimentary continental breakfast having a basic selection of toast with just 3 variants of toast, 2 types of orange juice and granulated coffee and tea we are still proud to say that we are the only one in Dubbo that continuously provide such Free service regardless of how busy or quiet it is in Dubbo. While we admit that there is still improvement in this segment of our service, we will still continue in providing this free offering to our guests. We have removed this in the past as this adds a toll in our already hectic and busy schedule but there are regular guests that requested for it to be reactivated. Paid and cooked breakfast is available to order at reception so it’s still an added bonus.

UPCOMING Refurbishments and Renovations: 

  1. Repainting of the rooms particularly the walls, door and door hinges.
  2. Repainting or replacement of “MOTEL ENTRY” sign as mentioned above.
  3. Repainting and renovation of Front office and breakfast room

It has been quite a busy first 3 quarters of 2018 for the entire team here at The Across Country Motel and we’d love to hear from you of any additional improvement that we need. Room cleanliness and improvement of our housekeeping processes and practices still remains as one of our top priorities as well as providing you with excellent customer service. Please leave a comment below for any suggestion that you would like to make to improve our property and we will be more than happy to add that in our list or you may also email us at

We aim resolve any feedback or issues that you may have before posting any negative reviews online. Alternatively, if we’ve done a good job you may also post a review on our

Trip Advisor Page by CLICKING HERE  or HERE to review us on google 


 It really helps us a lot!

Thanks again and we look forward to your future stays at The Across Country Motel and Serviced Apartments.


Your sincerely,

Anthony Ryals
The Across Country Motel and Serviced Apartments
85 Whylandra St Dubbo NSW 2830 Australia
02 6882 0877
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